TCI Entertainment is a gaming and technology company concentrating on the strategic acquisition of high growth, disruptive mobile gaming and mobile commerce companies.

We are the owner and developer of a patented in-game, real-world ecommerce platform that utilizes ancillary “incentivized engagement” and monetization technologies to bring mobile brand engagement and sales to a whole new level.

Our patented technology and knowhow allows brands, influencers, and users to build their own ecommerce “businesses” inside games, with the ability to buy, sell and trade real-world goods and services. Real-world in-game transactions result in rewards, cash rebates and other incentives that both support, and are supported by, game play.

Patented iNgame-Commerce

The technological bridge between the booming gaming and eCommerce markets

TCI’s patented technology unites the $150 billion gaming industry with the $10.3 trillion eCommerce industry, a market that is projected to be worth a combined $21 trillion by 2025.

With already rapid growth accelerated by global trends, these two industries represent some of the highest growth opportunities for investors worldwide. TCI Entertainment, with our patented technology, is creating new opportunities at the intersection of mobile gaming and mobile commerce.

With the potential for licensing deals, SaaS sales, and the creation of our own proprietary mobile games, TCI is well positioned to foster and capitalize on this exceptional growth - offering investors a unique opportunity to engage in a forward-thinking and disruptive technology play.


Strategic Thesis

Our underlying belief is that time spent online will continue to increase and will increasingly go mobile, and that ‘mobile’ will increasingly be the platform of choice for both commerce and gaming. Just as the iPhone led to a convergence between communications and entertainment, there will be a convergence between ‘gaming environments/virtual worlds’ and ‘daily activity environments’.

Changing the Game

TCI’s unique and patented approach to gaming and commerce creates a new opportunity to change the game - for Brands, Developers, Gamers, and Mobile Shoppers.

The TCI platform creates persistent in-app connections between real-world commerce and game play, enabling an elevated level of brand engagement and real-time purchasing opportunities. Through simple API access, third party developers will be able to elevate brand engagement with immediate purchasing, reducing the potential for distractions, drop offs and ‘cart abandonment’.


The rapid growth expected in both mobile commerce and mobile gaming markets translates directly into the opportunity for TCI to build long-term value through strategic technology acquisitions that will form the foundation of the future of online commerce and online gaming, while generating near-term revenue in the mobile gaming space. We invite those interested in finding out more about our company to view our corporate presentation or to contact our Investor Relations team.