The next technological wave of gaming is here.

Virtual and augmented reality games and devices are taking the world by storm.  No other gaming platform can match the level of immersion and  experience as virtual reality and augmented reality can.

The technology that has long been promised to us is here.  And it’s here to stay.

8%:  North America leads the world in VR/AR adoption.  8% of our population are users and that number is quickly growing.

40.1%:  The global VR/AR market is expected to grow at an astounding 40.1% compound annual growth rate.

70%:   Seven out of every ten industry experts say the AR market will surpass the VR market in revenue.

62 million: By 2025, it’s expected that we’ll see 62 million shipments of VR/AR headsets.  In just ten years, VR and AR could be a primary mobile gaming and entertainment “device.”

79%:  Of all Americans who have experienced VR/AR, 79% used it for gaming and entertainment.

The Future of VR/AR?

While the long ago promises of consumer level AR/VR has finally arrived, it’s the future that has consumers really excited.  As developers continue to push the boundaries of gaming entertainment, a new world of VR/AR e-commerce is upon us.

Soon, consumers will have the ability to conduct VR/AR commerce from the comfort of their own couches.  Visiting and purchasing real goods at virtual shopping malls, sports stadiums, movie theatres and more.  Real in-game commerce is the next wave of gaming technology.  This technology represents the next big seismic shift in gaming.  And it’s almost here!