Plus 1 Upcoming Feature That Transforms Everything

Global video gaming revenues hit all-time highs in 2020, with over $74 billion generated via mobile-phone play alone.  Here’s what’s driving revenues now, and one upcoming feature that could produce substantially higher revenues in the near future.

  • Cosmetic Items: Paid-for decorative items for avatars like skins and accessories allow gamers to customize and individualize their virtual players.  Cosmetic items have been a solid revenue stream for years and remain wildly popular.
  • Guilds: A community of paid helpers.  Guilds are becoming more common as gaming groups collaborate in competitive events..  Guilds offer gamers one-on-one coaching, tutorials, tips and cheats for up-leveling and game advancement.
  • Gachas: AKA loot-boxes, Gachas entice gamers to spend real currency on in-game virtual items by offering big discounts and level advancements. Gamers spend money to open boxes, and find items from virtual vending machines, allowing them to build a “collection.”
  • Promo Events in RPG’s: Role-playing-games are now utilizing more collaborative events between gamers to boost revenues.  This helps to increase player engagement and game loyalty.  Players can pay to join promotional events and virtually interact with well-known gamers.
  • Battle Passes: Battle passes help monetize games by providing additional paid content to players. Through a tiered system, gamers are rewarded with in-game items for paying, playing and completing challenges.  Gamers can experience locked areas within games only accessible to paid players.

And The 1 Upcoming Feature That Completely Transforms Mobile Gaming?

Real In-Game Commerce:  A new technology could soon allow consumers to purchase real-world items like sneakers, airplane tickets and even emergency plumbing services from inside their favorite mobile phone games.

This feature seems like it should already be in every video game, but it’s not.

Not yet!

But you may soon find it in every game, on every device. The revenues produced by this tech could dwarf those of every current gaming revenue stream, combined.

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