And 1 New Feature to Rule Them All

Mobile game developers have been producing some fun, exciting and profitable games for years now.  But as we head into the next generation of gaming, developers know that social features are the wave of the future.

And incorporating the right social features can make or break a game launch.

Here are 7 the social features every developer needs to include in games to boost and keep their user base – and blast profitability into the stratosphere. Plus 1 new social feature that changes everything!

  • Activity Feed Share

This feature allows users to view his or her friends’ activity feeds.  Users can encourage their friends and others to play and engage more in the game, follow the progress of others, ask for unused items, share ideas and more.

  • Leader Boards and In-game Achievements

Want to see the activity of others within the network?  Check the leaderboard and achievements.  This feature allows gamers to compare themselves to other “well-known” gamers and go head to head on the leaderboard.  Just like the old-school days of arcades.

  • Live Chat

The social feature of social features.  Live, in-game chat allows gamers to interact directly while boosting player engagement and overall enjoyment.  Communicate with other gamers, with teammates  or just talk trash to other gamers.  Live in-game chat is a must have.

  • Push Notifications

By adding push notifications to your game, users can get notified when their friends are playing, when new game features or worlds have opened up or when sales or discounts on in-game items occur.  Push notifications can also be used to entice dormant gamers back into the game.

  • Multi-player Mode

Multi-player modes allow gamers to get their friends involved.  Players can compete with friends, other players and sometimes even famous gamers!  Multi-player mode in mobile games increase user engagement and keeps players in the game longer increasing profitability.

  • Guilds

Guilds are communities of like-minded players.  With guilds, players can compete, collaborate and even trade items within their guild.  Guilds create a “all in it together” atmosphere where gamers socialize and assist one another.

  • Replay Sharing Mode

Showing off an amazing achievement has become wildly popular.  Many games allow for replay of events, but sharing these replays with other gamers creates more social contact, a higher level of competition and can even help promote the game.

And the 1 New Social Feature To Rule Them All:  Real In-Game Commerce

The next wave of social gaming is just about here.  It’s real in-game commerce.  We’re not talking about the purchase, sale or trade of digital items like skins or tokens or digital collectables.  Real In-Game commerce will allow gamers to conduct eCommerce within a game.

Lets say your friend has an avatar that wears the newest Nike sneakers.  You really want those sneakers, but not for your avatar.  You want the real version of them.  With real In-Game commerce, you can actually purchase those sneakers right from inside the game.

But it’s not just sneakers.  In reality, almost any real-world item or service could be purchased inside of a game.  And gamers themselves could be the merchants!

It’s this upcoming social feature that really should be included in every mobile game going forward.  We’re looking at perhaps the biggest revenue boosting social feature of all time.

Learn more about Real In-Game Commerce ant the impact it will have on the gaming industry by visiting TCI Entertainment