-Plus One Statistic That Could Help Generate Investor Fortunes-

2021 will be a record breaking year in the mobile gaming space.  Developers, publishers and investors must know the following statistics in order to tailor their games (and investments) to the right audience to maximize revenues and profits.

  • $120 Billion: The amount consumers are expected to spend on mobile gaming this year.
  • $53 Billion: Spending on gaming events in the 2020 pandemic year.
  • 38%:  The number of mobile gamers who spent money on, or in games in 2020
  • The USA: American consumers spend more on, and in mobile games than anyone else.
  • 66%:  Of all spending on, or in mobile games for 2020, two-thirds came from core-gamers.
  • 23%:  Nearly 1-in-4 dollars spent on, or in mobile games came from casual gamers.
  • 22%:  Across all North America, 22% of mobile game revenue was derived from puzzle games in Q4 2020.
  • 209.5 million:  The number of mobile game players in the USA.
  • 57.7%:  Of all mobile gamers, 57.7% are male and 42.9% female.
  • 73%:  Mobile gamers, on the whole are younger.  73% of all gamers are either Millennials or Gen Z.

What’s Up Next…

As we close in on 2022, investors need to know what’s up next.  Where the big money returns for next year may come from.

The next “big thing” in mobile gaming will be in-game commerce.  Not simply in-app purchases of digital items, but real eCommerce conducted within mobile games.

The One Statistic Every Investor Should Know

$21 Trillion:  Companies with patented in-game commerce technology should be on the radar of every savvy investor, as this technology could bridge the $120 billion mobile game industry with the $10.3 trillion eCommerce industry: Creating a new $21 trillion investment space by 2025.

SOURCE: https://financesonline.com/mobile-gaming-statistics/