Startup gaming platform company, Sketchfab, has been acquired by Epic Games

Startup gaming platform company, Sketchfab, has been acquired by Epic Games. The New York based company has been building a platform that allows gamers to download, upload, share, view, buy and sell 3D assets, making them a leader in web-based 3D file storage.

The deal, terms undisclosed, will allow Sketchfab to continue to operate as a separately branded game-tech company under the Epic umbrella.

Like many large gaming companies, Epic, known for blockbusters like Fortnite and Borderlands 3, has been on an acquisition spree. Since the beginning of 2020, the company has acquired 3Lateral, Agog Labs, Cubic Motion, SuperAwesome, RAD Game Tools and

The latest acquisition of Sketchfab is continuing Epic’s move into game-tech and game development tools. Game-tech is an area of immediate need for all large gaming companies. Most of the large gaming companies already have dozens, and in some case thousands of game development studios cranking out console, desktop and mobile games globally, but cutting-edge game-tech is lacking across the industry. And this could be the primary driver of Epic’s latest acquisition.

Currently, there are many missing pieces of game-tech that are needed to push the industry forward. But one such missing piece of game-tech may soon come to market.

Patented game-tech from TCI Entertainment now looks to allow for in-game transactions of real-world products and services. Unlike current transactional game-tech, TCI’s technology could allow gamers to buy, sell and trade in real goods, not only game-related digital items.

In-game sales and transaction attribution has been an issue for the gaming industry for decades. Now, TCI seems to have solved it with their patented technology. This tech could bridge eCommerce and gaming into one new mega industry. And its game-tech like this that could be the wave of the future for gaming.

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