The 2021 M&A frenzy in the video game industry continues

Zynga subsidiary, Rollic has completed the acquisition of three mobile game studios, Creasur Entertainment, ByteTyper and ZeroSum.

While terms of the deals are still undisclosed, all three studios will continue their work developing new mobile game titles under the umbrella of Rollic, whom each has previously worked with.

Rollic co-founder, Burak Vardal said, “These studios create visually captivating, mind-teasing titles and we are excited to bring their creativity and technical skills into the Rollic family…

“These acquisitions further our strategy of expanding our in-house network of innovative developers to support live services with ongoing creative updates, while also adding to our portfolio of inventive games.”

The acquisition of these three studios comes just about a year after Zynga acquired its major stake in Rollic for $180 million. Publicly traded Zynga, with a market capitalization of $8.3 billion reported a net loss of $41.7 million in Q3 2021. However, it did report record revenues.

Its acquisition of these three studios could help Rollic turn Zynga’s Q3 losses into future profits as the video game industry continues to gather new users and reach new revenue records.

As evidenced by the latest Rollic spree, M&A activity within the gaming industry has reached record levels this year and has done so at an accelerated pace.

Mergers, big investments, public listings and buyouts are expected to continue at this accelerated rate through at least 2022, and perhaps far beyond.

Early investors in smaller developers, studios and publishers could stand to be among the biggest winners of this frenzy, as valuations continue to soar.

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