7 Upcoming eCommerce Tech Trends To Keep Your Eye On

Over the past decade, technological advancements in everything from mobile phones to digital currencies have reshaped the world as we know it. Now, as we move through 2022 and beyond, there are the seven tech trends you should be aware of that’ll completely transform eCommerce.

7: Personalization: eCommerce sites will further personalize the shopping experience. Every product seen on a site will be tailored towards individual users. Consumer-A will see content and product offers completely different than what consumer-B sees.

6: Marketing will be conversational: The marketing of products to consumers will soon be a two-way process. No longer will marketers mass blast advertisements, then analyze data. Instead, marketer will gather consumer preferences directly from consumer communications.

5: All mobile, all the time: Already nearly 73% of all eCommerce occurs on mobile devices. As Gen-Z continues to age into the primary purchasing demographic, mobile commerce will near 100%. By 2030 nearly every eCommerce transaction will occur on a mobile device.

4: Omnichannel presence and customer support: Already, eCommerce consumers expect 24/7 customer support. However, as video chat and cobrowsing evolve, consumers will be building closer relationships with e-tailers, and support too will be personalized.

3: Checkout will be a snap: Today, cart abandonment is a major issue in the eCommerce world. A big reason is the relative difficulty of checkout. Soon, new tech will allow single-click checkouts as user data and payment systems will be safely and securely pre-loaded into carts.

2: Ai and voice command: Ai systems like Alexa and Siri are already heavily used by all generations. However, Gen Z will take Ai and chatbot tech to the next level. With Ai, voice commanded eCommerce will make purchases incredibly simple.

1: In-Game commerce:  Worldwide, over 2.5 billion people play video games. Now, new technology will allow marketers to reach these gamers, with real products, while they’re playing. True real-world eCommerce will soon be part of nearly every video game.

Because of In-Game commerce, the $200 billion video game industry may soon merge with the $10 trillion eCommerce industry. But it will take technology to get there.

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7 Upcoming eCommerce Tech Trends To Keep Your Eye On