A new online gambling, video gaming and eSports ETF has been launched by Pacer ETFs

The Pacer BlueStar Digital Entertainment ETF consists of equities and overseas depository receipts from companies with at least 50% of their revenue generated from the focus area.

Sean O’Hara, president of Pacer ETF Distributors said, “It’s undeniable that consumers across the globe are spending more time-consuming media, playing online video games and gambling across generations, and businesses are adapting to improve revenue streams from these trends…

“As leaders in the thematic ETF space, we believe a passive, rules-based approach providing online exposure to both, online gambling operations and gaming or eSports through one ETF can be beneficial to offer at this time.”

Rather than investing in single stocks, the Pacer BlueStar ETF (Ticker: ODDS) is a vehicle allowing larger exposure to the market, while aiming at less volatility often associated with single listings.

The ETF holdings will include software developers, manufacturers of computer graphics processors (hardware), peripherals and consoles, as well as AR/VR companies and traditional gaming Co’s.

Joe Thomson, president and founder of Pacer Financial said, “We expect consumers across the board, especially those in Generation Z, to continue spending significant leisure time online. In order to capitalize on this societal trend, we evaluated possible future directions of online activity and believe this ETF could capture them.”

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Source: https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/pacer-etfs-launches-new-etf-targeting-opportunities-in-online-gambling-video-game-and-esports-industries/article_a828bb2a-e54f-54ff-b152-fa3a4ab406cf.html