Two thirds of Americans play video games, and everyone has their favorite.

Whether it be Mario Cart on Nintendo, or Pokémon Go on mobile, 270 million of us, and growing, are gamers. But each state in the union has its own preferences. Here are the most searched games, by state, in alphabetical order


Alabama Mario Bros.
Alaska Pokémon
Arizona Red Dead
Arkansas Warhammer 40,000
California The Last of Us
Colorado Star Wars Jedi
Connecticut Spider-Man
Delaware Mario Series
Florida Assassin’s Creed
Georgia The Last of Us
Hawaii Pokémon
Idaho Halo
Illinois Spider-Man
Indiana LEGO
Iowa Madden NFL
Kansas FIFA
Kentucky Among US
Louisiana Resident Evil
Maine Halo
Maryland The Elder Scrolls
Massachusetts Lego Star Wars
Michigan FIFA
Minnesota New World
Mississippi GTA
Missouri N/A
Montana Pokémon
Nebraska Star Wars
Nevada Super Mario Bros.
New Hampshire Star Wars
New Jersey Sonic the Hedgehog
New Mexico Star Wars
New York Call of Duty
North Carolina Uncharted
North Dakota Star Wars
Ohio Battlefield
Oklahoma Resident Evil
Oregon Spider-Man
Pennsylvania Spider-Man
Rhode Island Pokémon
South Carolina Call of Duty
South Dakota Warhammer 40,000
Tennessee The Witcher
Texas Mario Bros.
Utah Far Cry
Vermont Madden NFL
Virginia Batman: Arkham
Washington Resident Evil
West Virginia Star Wars
Wisconsin Call of Duty
Wyoming Super Mario Bros.

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