A Breakdown of Video Game Industry Deals In The First Half of 2022

In the first half of 2022 alone, the dollar value of deals in the video game industry broke all-time records. As we continue through the second half, it’s expected that this year’s total deal value could nearly double that of 2021’s previous record of $80.4 billion. The video game deal market is still… red hot!

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of H1

$113.6 Billion: The total dollar value of all H1 deals announced

$43.3 Billion: The total dollar value of all H1 deals that closed

455: The number of deals that closed before July 1

126: The number of M&A deals that closed in the first half

71%: Nearly 3 quarters of every dollar in H1 came from just 5 deals

$8 Billion: The money raised over 316 private deals

34%: Over a third of all private deals were block-chain-game related

$150 Billion: The expected total deal value for all of 2022

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