Mobile Video Game and App Revenue Could Surpass $160 Billion This Year…

Here’s The One Statistics All Investors Should Be Aware Of

The mobile video game market is on fire. Thanks to the widespread availability of 5G networks, and the explosion in smartphone use, app and game revenue as measured on Android and iOS reached $133 billion last year and is now poised to surpass $160 billion this year.

A remarkable 67% of all app revenue came from mobile games!

Here’s the One stat all investors should know

Since 2016, mobile game and app revenue has grown at an incredible compound annual growth rate of 25.05%. This CAGR shows we could surpass $166.92 billion in app and game revenue, this year, and blow past $200 billion in 2023.

*2022 and 2023 estimates based on CAGR of 25.05% since 2016

The New CAGR Multiplier?

While this CAGR statistic is indeed phenomenal, and bodes well for investors in the space, a new technology could allow mobile game revenue to potentially skyrocket.

With the global eCommerce market worth over $10 trillion annually, and apps and mobile games showing the potential of over $200 billion in revenue by next year….

The combination of the two within an in-game eCommerce ecosystem could create a new revenue monster worth $trillions!

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