TCI Entertainment, Inc. Celebrates the Successful Completion of the 4th Milestone in Social Voucher Platform POC Development

TCI Entertainment, Inc. Celebrates the Successful Completion of the 4th Milestone in Social
Voucher Platform POC Development

[Plantation, FL – June 12, 2024] – TCI Entertainment, Inc., a game developer specializing in merging gaming and e-commerce, is thrilled to announce the achievement of a significant milestone in the development of its groundbreaking Social Voucher Platform Proof of Concept (POC). The company enlisted the expertise of Pocket Pinata Interactive to spearhead the development of a Proof of Concept showcasing the company’s patented technology. This collaboration involved the creation of essential infrastructure to seamlessly support front-end and back-end operations for both vendors and gamers alike. The completion of the 4th and final milestone marks a pivotal moment in bringing together the integration of e-commerce and online gaming.

This final milestone culminated in a working desktop application harnessing the power of Unity and web server technologies. The integrated platform simulates a unique connection between an e-commerce platform and a gaming experience, allowing players to incorporate brand name items into their gaming adventures. Key Highlights of the 4th Milestone: Desktop Application Development: The development team at Pocket Pinata Interactive has successfully finalized the design and functionality of our simulated desktop application. Tailored for the PC platform, the application provides users with a seamless and immersive experience within a controlled environment. Vendor Web Portal: The creation of a vendor web portal adds an additional layer of accessibility and convenience for both players and brands. The creation of a vendor web portal adds an additional layer of accessibility and actual simulation for both players and brands. Vendors can now access a controlled demo interface and engage with management and product integration features. Backend Server Integration: A full simulation of the backend server, a crucial component of the Social Voucher Platform, has been fully developed to demonstrate a clear and smooth interaction between the desktop application, vendor web portal, and e-commerce platforms. This visualization is vital for the realization of a cohesive gaming and shopping experience. Unity and Web Server Technologies:

The utilization of Unity and advanced web server technologies underscores TCI Entertainment’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions. These technologies will enhance the overall performance and user interface of the Social Voucher Platform, delivering an unparalleled experience.
Commenting on this achievement, Harry McMillan, President of TCI Entertainment, Inc., expressed excitement about the progress made. “The completion of the 4th milestone is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our development team. We are one step closer to revolutionizing the way players engage with brands in the gaming space.”

With the successful completion of the Social Voucher Platform POC, TCI Entertainment, Inc. is poised to redefine the intersection of gaming and e-commerce. The company looks forward to the next phase of development and the potential impact on the entertainment industry.

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About Pocket Pinata Interactive, Inc.:
Pocket Pinata Interactive, a distinguished independent gaming studio, brought comprehensive capabilities to the project, offering end-to-end game production services encompassing client and server programming, technical design, art production, game design, and telemetry design and analysis. This team of veteran game developers have over 120 years of combined industry experience shipping hundreds of millions of console, PC, web and mobile games. About TCI Entertainment, Inc.: TCI Entertainment, Inc. is a forward-thinking entertainment company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the gaming and digital entertainment space. With a focus on creating immersive and engaging experiences, TCI Entertainment is committed to shaping the future of entertainment.

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