League of Legends’ newest champion Viego can take control of slain enemy players

Generation Z, or individuals born after 1995, are coming of age where they are the new “target market” for many companies. So how do companies’ market to Gen Z? A generation that has practically lived its entire life in the realm of digital marketing? That’s what we’re here to help with.

Promote your Values

Consumers today and particularly Gen Z are more politically and socially aware than ever before. They are looking for brands and companies that align with their values.

Having a set of core values on your company’s website and social media pages helps to cultivate a brand that your consumer can connect with. Companies, however, cannot just talk the talk, they must also walk the walk by reflecting these values throughout their business operations. In a recent study of Gen Z individuals, 86% stated they would support working in and purchasing from a company that matches their personal values.

For extra points on how to market to Gen Z, take a stand. Finding causes that are associated with your company’s brand can go a long way in promoting your company to Gen Zers.

Provide an Experience

In a world where endless content is at their fingertips, this generation has unlimited options and only so much time. Use video as much as possible as it provides so much more possibility to engage your audience. Make sure to keep it short, engaging, and impactful.

The Ruined King, Viego, from League of Legends’ Ruination cinematicImage: Riot Games

Riot revealed Viego, The Ruined King in a fantastic cinematic trailer during its 2021 League of Legends celebration video, but it didn’t give us many details on what he’d actually do in game. Thankfully, the full kit was released on the League of Legends website just a few minutes after the stream, so we now know exactly what Viego is capable of.

Viego is a jungler who can dash to enemies to stun them, then possess them once they’ve been defeated. If he possesses an enemy champion he gains use of all of that champion’s basic abilities as well as use of his own Ultimate. While this certainly makes Viego unique, it should also make him one of League’s hardest champions, since you’ll need to know how to make good use of every other champion in the game to get the most out of him.

Viego is likely to hit the League of Legends Public Beta Environment sometime in the next few weeks, then should make his way to the live game before the end of the month. Before he gets there, here’s a look at Viego’s entire ability kit: