Summer Game Fest and E3 featured some outstanding gaming companies

From big, well-known publishers to maverick independents, both conferences were a success.

However, it was the indies that stole both shows. Independent’s developers and publisher generally have more freedom to create and innovate the industry. And as Summer Game Fest and E3 has shown us, they’re light years ahead of the big boys.

Both conferences had big shows from the majors. Hollywood-level trailers with big budget production value. One thing in common with all these big shows by the majors was this: More of the same. Because big developers cannot afford to take chances and “bomb” at these conferences, they tend to stick to the “tried and true” types of games and tech. Shooters, swords, zombies and the like.

But with fewer restrictions and greater risk tolerance, the indies are quickly taking over the industry, developing games and tech that are disruptive, fun to engage in and, importantly, loved by gamers. In turn they’re becoming acquisition targets. And it makes sense why.

If a big developer goes rogue and develops a groundbreaking game, or in-game technology, and it fails, the reputation of the publisher suffers, and investors flee. If indies fail, they simply try again.

It’s why we see the big boys making virtually the same games over and over.

The indies, however, do not have the fear of failure. Because of this, they are the best innovators. And the proving grounds for the big boys.

Nobody takes more notice of the independent developer presentations than the big publishers. Not to see how innovate indies are, or to copy them, but to see who a potential buyout target could be.

Simply put, large publishers let the indies take all the risk, they find a winner and then scale it. It’s why investors need to pay attention to the smaller independent publishers. Especially those with unique or patented technology that will transform the industry. Patented technology that gamers would love, like that of indie publisher, TCI Entertainment.

Indies, the big boys are watching, and they want your tech!

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