The gaming industry, especially mobile gaming, was one of the top performing industries in all of 2020, growing to a valuation of over $77 billion.

Even as we emerge from the pandemic, industry growth shows no signs of slowing down. Now, a small mobile gaming company, PopReach is aiming to continue this growth trend, and capture more market share of their own.

Having already begun an acquisition spree, acquiring over 25 games, PopReach is now cash-flow positive and enjoys over 1.9 million monthly players, and growing.

The mobile segment of the gaming industry is expanding incredibly fast. By next year, mobile and tablet based games are expected to compose up to 50% of the entire gaming industry valuations. And by the end of this year, estimates of the mobile gaming segment show the industry valued at over $106 billion. Nearly a 37% growth rate, year over year.

Since gamers already have the necessary hardware to play mobile games (their phones), publishers and developers have quick access to over a billion potential gamers.

Free-to-play games are the driver.  These games, while free to play, generate massive revenues through in-app digital purchases like up-levels, tokens/gems, skins and cheats.

While it’s not necessary for a gamer to purchase any of these in-game items in order to play, they account for the majority of the $77 billion of in-app purchases.

While PopReach is experiencing success, it’s the next generation of in-app purchases that will fuel the industry toward the $1 trillion valuation mark. In-app purchasing is about to go “real.”

The vast majority of all in-game purchases is for in-game items. However, a new technology from TCI Entertainment may change this. Their patented tech could soon allow gamers to purchase real items in-game, like apparel or home services. This would tie the eCommerce world to the mobile gaming world, and could be worth trillions.

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