You may have noticed the annoying pop-up ads while playing your favorite mobile games.

They disrupt your game-play, can leave you “stuck” at important moments in the game and cause you to miss out on up leveling opportunities tied to a game clock.

Yes, in-game mobile ads are annoying. While we’ve become used to the daily bombardment of advertising in our everyday lives, seeing ads on mobile is mostly unacceptable to our well-trained eyes. A highway billboard, or a commercial break during a sports event is fine, yet mobile pop up ads can really tweak the gullet. They’re too disruptive.

Can anything be done?

The short answer is yes, because the 2.7 billion gamers around the globe demand it.

While seeing ads in games can be acceptable, especially in free-to-play games, the oversaturation has been causing some gamers to abandon their favorite games. This is bad news for both gaming companies, developers and advertisers.

However, new adtech is coming that could help solve this. It could allow for advertising to fit seamlessly into games, without disrupting play.

A company based out of Delray Beach, Florida may be the key. Their patented technology allows for advertising within games, but for in-game purchase of real items. Not simply digital items tied to the game, or ads for other games (which are the most annoying).

Because of this, the prevalence of popup ads may soon diminish. And advertisers could instead use live-linked product placements to sell real-world items. All without disrupting gameplay.

This could be a true revolution that publishers, developers and advertisers all agree on as it merges eCommerce with mobile gaming.

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