Simulmedia is launching an adtech product called playerWON that will put video ads into mobile and PC games.

The technology will reward gamers for watching ads by offering digital items to players who complete the videos. Simulmedia’s target is free-to-play games, as paid gamers would likely revolt.

The technology is akin to what we already see in free-to-play mobile games. Simulmedia hopes to reach a wider audience by bringing these video ads to desktops and couches.

Electronic Arts and Hi-Rez have already signed on with Simulmedia to push these ads to gamers. It’s been found that players are more likely to play a game and spend money in it if digital perks are rewarded when ads are viewed.

PC and console gamers are, on the average, younger than mobile gamers. Simulmedia hopes to target the 18-34 demographic with this adtech. Simulmedia’s Dave Madden says that 90% of the free-to-play gamers never buy in-game items. So, this adtech, which rewards ad watchers, should help drum up both in-game and ad revenue for developers focused on pc and consoles.

Though this adtech is not revolutionary, it mostly carries-over current tech from mobile, new adtech is coming that could really ramp up developer and publisher revenues.

A patented technology from TCI Entertainment could allow gamers to purchase real products, in-game. Rather than getting rewarded for watching a video, gamers would be allowed to actually purchase real products, and get rewarded for it.

This tech could combine the gaming world (it’ll be capable of operating on mobile, pc and console games) with eCommerce. A market that could be worth multiple trillions.

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