1) Gametech Is The Growth Engine
New technologies are powering the growth of the industry and will continue to do so far into the future. Music and film will be a larger feature in games, and adtech looks to be less intrusive in the experience.

2) Games featuring in-app purchases will monetize at higher rates
IAP games will begin to adopt new ad monetization techniques, allowing for increased revenues. However, this will be done in a manner that does not disrupt gameplay.

3) New rules from Apple will force UA adaptations
New privacy rules from Apple will force developers and UA managers to change how they reach and advertise to gamers. Permission based data accumulation is here to stay. The industry must and will adjust.

4) In-Game social features will continue expanding
Social features found in-game will expand. We’ll see more activity feeds, live chats, push notifications and guilds. This will allow advertisers to reach gamers inside social channels where ads can be placed based on user content.

5) Industry Consolidation
2020 already saw its biggest year in gaming industry M&A. 2021 will be bigger. Smaller developers and publisher are being scooped up by the bigboys at unprecedented rates. Valuations of smaller companies are skyrocketing.

6) In-game purchase of real-world items
New technology will allow for the sale, purchase or trade of real-world items, not just digital items within gameplay. TCI Entertainment’s patented tech could soon allow for the merger of eCommerce and gaming under one new mega-umbrella, worth trillions.

SOURCE: https://www.is.com/blog/resources/mobile-gaming-trends/