Three tech giants, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are increasing their offerings to gamers that could promise the same quality, clarity and responsiveness they experience with hard-wired consoles, but on mobile.

And it’s all due to cloud-based gaming and 5G mobile connections.

Last week, Facebook announced its cloud gaming platform had expanded reach to over 98% of the US mainland. At the same time, Microsoft opened its cloud gaming service to more devices. And Amazon, with its relatively newer gaming service, offered Prime members a free trial last month.

The question is, will the cloud-based tech be embraced?

Obviously, the answer is yes since it offers hard-core gamers the opportunity to play almost anywhere at any time. That’s nothing new, but cloud servers and 5G allow for the same quality and game experience as hard-wired consoles, but on mobile.

Even with gaming devices at our fingertips, the industry is pushing ahead to make gameplay even easier and more accessible. One of the world’s great growth industries, gaming is now reaching a critical juncture where gamers could, in theory, abandon consoles and PC’s altogether, if they so choose.

This will open a big market for mobile-based game accessories like wireless controllers and headsets that are typically only used in console or pc games. With the cloud capabilities and 5G speed, most gamers will have the opportunity to be fully mobile. And this is just the beginning.

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