1: VR headsets will shrink to the size of sunglasses: Headsets will get small enough, and incorporate view screens that allow users to wear them at all times, switching from VR/AR to the real-world instantly.

2: Full-body hepatic suits will make AR/VR even more real: Hepatic suits will allow users to have an all-encompassing sensory experience, transporting the brain and body into a new reality.

3: LiDAR will take mobile-phone AR to the next level: In the coming two years, nearly every mobile phone will be equipped with LiDAR, allowing 3D mapping and 3D AR creations to reach levels we can only imagine.

4: AR/VR accessories will enhance the experience: Accessories for use in AR and VR, like shoes, swords, or sports gear will allow users to feel impact feedback. A VR swordfight will feel as if you and your opponent are making real contact.

5: All shopping will be done virtually:  Soon, the shopping experience will mean putting on your VR/AR headset and walking through a virtual mall to find the products or services you need. Clothing, food, sporting events, concerts… you name it, it’ll all be purchased and visited virtually.

TCI Entertainment plans to bring the virtual shopping experience to the AR/VR world. Our patented technology could help bridge the gaming and eCommerce sectors into one new, giant investment sector called In-Game Commerce.

Soon, the In-Game Commerce market could be worth $1 Trillion or more, and our patents could be on the forefront of this massive new opportunity.

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5 Bold Predictions for Augmented and Virtual Reality That Completely Changes Everything