Check your closet. It may contain a treasure trove of old video games

And if you’ve got a mint condition “The Legend of Zelda” cartridge in there, you could be looking at a near million-dollar payday.

High quality video games from the 1980’s are now selling for top dollar. Recent auctions saw “Super Mario 64” and “The Legend of Zelda”, both in mint, unwrapped condition, sell for $1.56 million and $870,000, respectively.

Not only is the modern video game industry on fire, but games from yesteryear are red hot as well. Popular games, especially those in unopened condition, are selling for tens of thousands of dollars, and in some cases over a million.

Valarie McLeckie, the managing director of video games at Heritage Auctions says, “interest in collectible video games doesn’t seem to be slowing down… people have been collecting video games since video games have been made. There are people who have been collecting them to build a library of playable games. But there’s also a community that has been actively collecting sealed games since games have been around.”

Even well-used games are selling at a premium. An opened and used “Mike Tyson’s Punchout” cartridge is listed on eBay for $499. While a used, stamped original 1985 “Super Mario Bros 3” cartridge is listed at $3,500.

As Gen-X gamers reflect on their gaming past, their nostalgia has turned into a buying frenzy, sending prices for popular games through the roof.

So, now’s the time to check the closet, dismantle the garage and climb into the attic. Your classic Nintendo games could be worth a fortune.

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