The 7 Biggest Metaverse Developers

The metaverse is expanding at a rapid rate. Growing at a CAGR of 44.8%
the market will be worth $596.47 billion by 2027

Epic Games:  The Fortnite developer has announced a $1 billion funding round to fuel metaverse growth.

Meta Platforms (Facebook): Besides its name change, Meta will hire 10,000 developers and engineers to develop its metaverse.

Nvidia: The company has announced Omniverse Enterprise where developers can combine 3D graphics with Ai, foundational systems for the metaverse.

Niantic: Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, now it’s raised $300 million to build it’s very own metaverse.

Decentraland:  The company’s core products are metaverse related. It made headlines selling a piece of digital real estate for $2.4 million.

Microsoft:  The company offers a virtual work environment called Mesh. In Mesh, workers can collaborate and access Windows, Microsoft Teams and other VR services.

Apple: Apple just announced its own AR/VR headset, and is rushing full steam into further development.

While the metaverse could be worth nearly $600 billion in just a few short years, and these 7 companies are ahead of the development curve, several smaller companies with incredible technology could see their valuations soar…

Especially companies who offer patented technology that drives in-game ecommerce!


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