Citibank just released a 184-page report on the metaverse saying the market could be worth up to $13 trillion by 2030

The metaverse market, as defined by Citi could include AR/VR headsets, smartphones, games, “real estate” and in-metaverse transactions.

Citi estimates that by 2030, the target date for its up-to $13 trillion valuation, the metaverse will have accumulated as many as 5 billion users, or 63% of the current world population.

Monetarily, Citi believes the metaverse could be responsible for up to 10% of the entire $128 trillion global economy.

Of course, to get to that valuation, much work must be done. Right now, only about 25% of the world’s population has access to 5G internet speeds, a necessity for metaverse users, and metaverse transactional technology, especially that used for real-world commerce, must be adjusted, and adopted.

While the largest market inside of the metaverse will likely be gaming, other markets like entertainment, advertising, education, public services, tourism and even healthcare are all likely to participate.

But perhaps the largest revenue stream may come from in-metaverse (or in-game) commerce. As many have already noted, the metaverse may practically replace the traditional internet in many aspects of our lives.

This includes shopping.

Right now, the eCommerce market is worth an estimated $5.5 trillion. As the metaverse expands, a large share of this real commerce will switch from websites to metaverse properties.

Ecommerce and tech companies who engage with the technology to facilitate real-world transactions within the metaverse may be among the largest winners, and could see their valuations soar as well.

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