Jim Ryan, the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment says the company will continue to acquire more studios

This statement comes after five acquisitions in 2021 and two already in 2022.

In addition to proclaiming “more acquisitions coming,” Ryan made a statement that is now a well-known strategy of all major gaming and entertainment companies…

“We’re growing through acquisition.”

Total mergers and acquisition values for 2022 have already broken full-year records. Gaming companies, especially large ones, have been gobbling up smaller players at a ridiculous rate in hopes of outgrowing the competition.

But while many companies are going fully mobile with subscription based gaming, Sony plans on sticking to what works best for its gamers, and its revenue streams.

The company will continue to utilize its traditional paid model for games.

Ryan said, “Putting these games into a subscription service immediately upon their release, this would break this virtuous circle. And we wouldn’t be able to invest in the way that we’re currently able to. And so, we’re not doing it.

“We’re going to stick with the approach that we have, the approach that served us well over many years now. And the approach that we think serves our gamers well.”

Last year, Sony acquired Nixxes, Firesprite, Bluepoint, Housemarque and Valkyrie Entertainment while also investing $200 million in Epic Games.

So far this year, the company has acquired Lanseagle and Haven Studios, with its Bungie acquisition still pending.

With Sony admitting to being on a buying spree, investors should pay close attention to companies that may be buyout targets.

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Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/playstation-president-says-more-acquisitions-are-coming/1100-6502108/