Here’s a curious clue as to Microsoft’s future acquisition plans.

After offering an industry record $68.7 billion to acquire Activision-Blizzard back in January, a new clue has emerged that indicates Microsoft may not be done acquiring gaming companies.

Video Games Chronicle, a publication dedicated to video game news, noted a curious new job posting from Microsoft which seems to confirm the company is still on the acquisitions hunt.

The job posting, titled “Manager, Gaming Strategy & Development”, references Microsoft’s recent acquisition of both Activision and Bethesda Game Studios.

It reads, “We partner closely with the Gaming Leadership Team to identify and evaluate transformative growth opportunities. Our charter includes helping to answer Microsoft Gaming’s most challenging business questions, leading Gaming’s M&A program…”

While the post doesn’t say specifically that the job entails either running or managing a new acquisition, reference to the M&A program sure indicates it could.

2022 has already been the biggest year for mergers and acquisitions in the video game industry. It will come as no surprise if Microsoft continues to acquire additional assets for growth, and this job posting shows it could be looking…

Right now.

But nearly every large gaming company has been looking to acquire video game and video game technology assets too. So, Microsoft my not be alone in its pursuit.

The big question is….

Which company or companies are on the big-tech buyout radar?

Could it be a company with patents in game-technology that could help revolutionize in-game commerce?

We’re not exactly sure who it could be. But if you read more about the patented game-tech, HERE, you can decide for yourself.

Now, no matter which companies become acquisition targets, the likelihood of the acquiring company paying a nice premium could be rather high.

In fact, when Microsoft announced its Activision acquisition, it came at a 45% premium to the previous $ATVI closing price.

Simply put, this consolidation we’re seeing in the industry could be a boon to investors who are in the right place at the right time.