But This Newer Tech Could Trump It

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing video games for a living, a new gaming tech may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Based on decentralized finance blockchains, Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are overtaking the traditional gaming industry, and are completely changing the gaming experience.

The nascent P2E industry just began booming last year. Known by insiders as GameFi, these games pay gamers in crypto token awards and NFTs…

All for simply playing video games.

While it may sound a bit farfetched, one gaming company, Sky Mavis, has generated over $4 billion in sales with the help of P2E games. And now, companies like Ubisoft are adding NFTs to popular titles to attract GameFi players.

Industry experts now believe that P2E could capture up to 90% of the entire gaming market. And the reason is simple. Gamers want to earn money.

However, while tokenized P2E is taking off, another newer P2E technology could allow gamers to earn real US dollars. Called in-game eCommerce, this technology could allow gamers to open up eCommerce stores inside of video games.

Gamers could buy, sell, or trade in real-world items while earning commissions on sales, much like an Amazon or eBay store, but inside of a video game.

This technology could completely revolutionize the Play-to-Earn gaming model as global brands have been clamoring to sell actual items in-game… not just digital versions of real goods and services.

Right now, the eCommerce market is worth about $4.9 trillion with the video game market worth over $200 billion. If in-game eCommerce captures just a fraction of market share, as many believe it could, this new P2E model could be worth over $1 trillion.

The big question is…

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