Record Breaking Deals, M&A, Direct Investments, SPACs, IPOS … and More!

Global technology investment bank, Drake Star, has released its third quarter figures and full Q1-Q3 report on the video game industry… and the numbers are nothing short of remarkable.

According to the report (available HERE) “While many gaming stocks traded at record low levels, deal activity picked up some steam in Q3 with a significant increase in M&A and financing volume.”

Here are some highlights from the report:

For the first three quarters, total disclosed deal value was $123 billion.

976 transactions were announced or closed.

Of them, 954 of announced deals had $115 billion in disclosed total deal value.

For mobile, PC, Console and eSports, there were $102 billion in deals announced.

In 685 financing rounds for private companies, $9.6 billon was raised, including 15 large raises of $100 million or more.

For blockchain and NFT gaming, over $3.4 billion was raised.

Now, here’s the data for Q3 alone:

Q3 saw a 15% increase in M&A deals over Q2, at 81.

The largest deal in Q3 was Unity’s announced $4.4 billion acquisition of ironSource.

Deals with private financing increased nearly 28% over the previous quarter, to 216 deals.

(click here to see the full report)

Michael Metzger, partner at Drake Star said, “We saw some of the largest M&A deals ever at the start of the year and then experienced a notable slow-down in Q2 2022 due to global macroeconomic challenges…

“With an increase in M&A and Financings volume in Q3, we anticipate healthy deal activity and possibly even some mega deals for the rest of the year and beyond.”

Back in July, Drake Star had forecast the total deal value for 2022 would exceed $150 billion. With 75% of the year’s data reported (Q1-Q3), we have seen 82% of the dollar value has already been reached.

Meaning deal value may actually be outpacing this bullish forecast.

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Source: Star Global Gaming Report %7C Q3 2022.pdf