And Why #9 Could Grow Into a Monster in 2023!…

We’ve come a long way since Atari took the video game industry mainstream in 1972. Today, over 3.2 billion people from all walks of life actively play video games. But as the market has shifted from arcades and cartridge-based consoles to PC, digital downloads and streaming, a new platform leader for 2022 and beyond has clearly emerged.

The undisputed heavyweight video game platform champion of the world is… Mobile!

Right now, there are an estimated 3.9 billion smartphones in use, worldwide. Remarkably, last year alone, there were 82.98 billion mobile game downloads.

This means, the average smartphone today may have as many as 21 video game apps downloaded on it. Yes, you read that correctly. The average mobile phone user has 21 video games at their fingertips… while back in 1972 the average gamer had to trek to a video arcade, just to play one.

Like we said earlier, we’ve come a long way.

But just as Atari completely revolutionized the video game industry 50 years ago, new technology has emerged that could operate on console, PC, streaming and mobile platforms which has the potential to completely revolutionize it once again.

We’ll get to this new tech in just a moment.

First, here are 9 eye-popping statistics for the mobile video game industry. Investors should pay close attention to #9… its where the future lies.

1: The global video game industry (all inclusive) is now worth over $300 billion annually.

2: The number of global mobile video game players has risen to over 3 billion.

3: Consumer spending on/in mobile video games has surpassed $41 billion.

4: Among mobile downloads, arcade style games are the fastest growing genre.

5: Most video games are developed by studios with US Headquarters’.

6: Currently, the most popular game monetization method is paid “ad removal”

7: Over a third of US gamers are in the prime 25-34 age demographic.

8: The most game-loyal players are North American based.

9: The in-game ad market is expected to hit $221.5 billion by 2027.

Now, you may be wondering how #9, in-game advertising, is going to revolutionize the video game industry.

Well, just Like Atari was able to completely change the industry by combining video games with home entertainment (see the Atari 2600) a new technology hopes to combine gaming with eCommerce…

Creating a new home entertainment ecosystem called in-game commerce.

Right now, almost all in-game commerce involves the purchase of digital goods that pertain to the game itself. Like skins, uplevels, the opening of new worlds or the purchase of ad-free play. But technology is currently being developed which could allow for the transaction, in-game, of real-world items… like how the internet works, but within video games.

One company, TCI Entertainment, is the owner and developer of one such technology solution. It’s creating an already patented, in-game, real-world eCommerce platform that uses ancillary “incentivized engagement” and monetization technologies to bring brand engagement directly into the hands of consumers… within games.

Now, “incentivized engagement” may mean everything from traditional direct to consumer advertising inside of games, to full-on gamer owned eCommerce stores within these video games. Again, this technology is for real-world items that can be advertised for, sold, and purchased inside of video games, live…

Making in-game advertising potentially far more lucrative.

How much more lucrative?

Well, the global eCommerce market is worth over $10 trillion annually, with the video game market worth over $300 billion annually. The combination of the two in an in-game commerce ecosystem could create a new monster worth $trillions!

Just think, before Atari created its home video game console, you had to go to an arcade to play a game. Back then, few people played. But once you could play at home (and now on your phone) billions of people began to participate in the video game market.

If advertisers, marketers, and big brands can tap the billions of video game users directly, while they’re playing…


Look out!

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