Since its launch in March of 2018, battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, has surpassed $9 billion in lifetime revenue. Remarkably, $1 billion, or 11% of this total revenue, has come from in-game purchases during the last two quarters alone.

However striking this in-game revenue number is, new technology could soon allow for in-game purchase revenue, with perhaps any video game, mobile or not, to skyrocket. More on this in a moment.

First, PUBG Mobile, developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio (a division of Chinese game giant, Tencent) has thus far been a wild success. Since inception, the game has generated 1.1 billion downloads, with an average of $5.2 million spent daily by its players.

During the first three reported quarters of 2022, total player spending has reached $1.6 billion on 104.4 million downloads. Keep in mind, PUBG Mobile is a free to play game, meaning the majority of the game’s revenue has come from in-game spending…

Which could seriously blossom should new monetization technologies be implemented.

You see, gamers, globally, are fairly limited on what they can purchase inside of games, and advertisers are fairly limited on the kinds of items they can sell. Right now, a huge swath of in-game purchase revenue is generated by selling digital items for in-game use, or brand advertising, and not actual goods or services, and not direct to consumer products like we see on the internet.

But this could soon change.

New technology, called in-game eCommerce, hopes to bridge the video game and eCommerce industries, allowing for a new avenue of in-game monetization and revenue streams.

This technology, unlike what’s currently being utilized by most in-game monetization strategists, could allow for gamers to buy, sell, or trade in real-world items and services, inside of video games; like what’s currently done on the internet.

It could be akin to letting loose the $10 trillion eCommerce market, inside of video games!

Of course, should even a small portion of the eCommerce market be incorporated into video games, it could lead to a massive new revenue stream for gaming companies.

In-game eCommerce could very well be the future of gaming.

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