Final Tally: The Biggest Video Game Deals of 2022

Final Tally: The Biggest Video Game Deals of 2022

2022 has been a record year for deals in the video game industry. Even amid a raging bear market, deal flow and investment in the industry has barely slowed. The nine deals below, for example, have totaled more than the entire deal value of last year’s record breaking $85 billion.

9:  6waves – Acquired by Stillfront Group at a $300 million valuation

8: FACEIT – Acquired by Savvy Gaming Group at a $450 million valuation

7: My.Games – Acquired by Leta Capital at a $642 million valuation

6: Limited Run, Tripwire & 4 Studios – Acquired by Embracer at a $765 million valuation

5: ESL – Acquired by Savvy Games Group at a $1.05 billion valuation

4: Bungie – Acquired by Sony at a $3.6 billion valuation

3: ironSource – Acquired by Unity at a $4.4 billion valuation

2: Zynga – Acquired by Take-Two Interactive at a $12.7 billion valuation

1: Activision-Blizzard – Acquired by Microsoft at a $68.7 billion valuation

These nine deals alone tallied a staggering $91.6 billion. That’s 107% of the total deal value of the entire video game industry last year, which in itself was a record breaker.

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