Netflix, the content streaming giant is pushing even deeper into the red-hot gaming market

On October 22nd, it will release a game based the 2021 action movie, “Kate.” The Netflix distributed film stars Woody Harrelson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and has quickly grown a cult following.

The video game, called “Kate: Collateral Damage” developed by Ludic Studios, will allow gamers to play “Kate” and obtain weapons to fight a Yakuza boss, just like in the film. The game’s been described as a “time-attack action roguelike” giving players a first-person mission hunt for revenge.

“Kate” is not Netflix’s first venture into gaming. Earlier this summer, the company announced it will be joining the gaming market full bore. It has already released titles in Poland and is preparing to go global with “Kate.”

And it’s no wonder why. The streaming service’s subscription growth for movies and TV has been slowing. The video game industry, on the other hand, has been exploding in recent months. By adding video game titles to its service, Netflix is looking to resume its outstanding subscriber growth by targeting a new entertainment community: gamers.

This year, the gaming industry has already seen record growth in users, revenues, investments and M&A. Game studios, developers and publisher are all seeing record valuations as the industry continues massive expansion.

It’ possible we’ll see Netflix bolster its internal development teams or acquire developers and studios itself. Should Netflix join the ranks of gaming giants like Electronic Arts, Epic Games, and Activision Blizzard, we’ll see an ever-bigger gold rush in the industry.

Because of this, valuations for independent studios, developers and publishers could leap. Early round investors in these smaller developers and publishers could stand to be the biggest winners as competition for their games and technology get even more heated.

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